Nigel Sylvester pays homage to the origins of great craftsmanship and the resilience of BMX riding with his latest art project, 218 CAPUCINE.

In conjunction with upholsterer and artist Daniel McRorie of Rickard Guy, Nigel brings to life one of the first artistic manifestations from GO, his travel, and lifestyle collective.

This first installment of the project is an ode to Louis Vuitton, a master craftsman from France who began designing one of a kind travel trunks in a workshop on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris during the 1850’s. The number 218 represents the home of Nigel’s grandmother, where he first learned how to ride a bicycle in her driveway. This art piece marries the classic monogram canvas and the BMX bicycle, a vehicle that is very personal to Nigel. Both those elements exhibit the importance of dexterity, the canvas material which represents luxury, durability and timelessness and the BMX bike with its functionality, must be strong in order to excel.

Aside from Nigel’s personal connection with the bicycle, it’s silhouette serves as a universal symbol for exploration and movement and remains one of the world’s most common forms of transportation.